Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Enterprise Backup

In the past several months we have recieved many inquiries regarding network attached storage or NAS as the IT world calls it. So to clear up many of the questions we have gotten, the following is a bit of a FAQ on the subject;

What is a NAS Device?
A NAS device is simply a server or hard drive that offers storage for data or files that can be accessed by the computer network that it is attached to. In some networks, only certain users or computer will have access to the NAS Device depending upon how it is configured.

Does Network attached storage apply to my small business?Yes it does. On one hand NAS is typically associated with large business enterprises, but even small businesses have computer networks. The main consideration here is that there are NAS products that are specially designed for small business and home offices [read industry acronym SOHO] that offer the same advantages of network attached storage, but with price tags that make them hard to not pass up.

What is the difference between a NAS Device and and External Hard Drive?The main difference is in how they are connected to your computer and how computer users access the device. Typically an external hard drive is connected directly to a computer via usb, firewire, or scsi ports (generally a plug and play device). The NAS allows all networked computers to access it, not just one computer that it is attached to. Note that if you have your computers networked (such as in your small business or home office) you can configure your backups to the external hard drive as well.

What fireproof products are available to meet my Network Storage needs?Currently ioSafe disaster proof hardware is the only manufacturer of a NAS specific fireproof hard drive for server backup.

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