Friday, February 24, 2006


Without a doubt small businesses are an integral part of our economy, considered by many as the backbone. As our reliance on all things digital becomes deeper rooted in traditional small business models there are many important considerations to keep in mind as you experience growth - like having a backup plan.

While the technology age has given entrepreneurs with dedication, passion, and motivation a leg up on many a brick and mortar - the reliance on digital data, computer systems, servers, email, & more can and will always be double edged swords.

1) Computers crash and burn - you might as well accept this fact of life now, because it's not a question of "if?", it's a matter of "when?"
A) Back up your data - this could be as simple as burning it to a CD or DVD, the important thing is that you have a backup copy!
B) Get a basic understanding of how to recover your data when that time comes - You'll save yourself some grief and headache if you can get your data back in a timely fashion

2) As a small business owner you have the advantage of FLEXIBILITY - you can ADAPT to challenges that arise, both quickly and efficiently with proper planning.
If you computer does crash, keep in mind that your business can still function! Wireless internet and laptop computers allow you to relocate and still stay online. From the local coffee shop to your cell phone, responding and sending emails is not out of the question.

3) PASSION - it's why you started into business in the first place!
You passion and resilience will keep you going strong no matter what obstacles you may encounter along the way. One of the many great things about being an entrepreneur is that as you will continually learn and grow - and as a result your outlook on life and the positive effects will guide you toward the goals you have set before you.

Below you'll find a collection of some amazing entrepreneurs, who just like you have weathered their own storms along the way to success.

Donna Gunter - Small Business Owner and Hurricane Survivor
How to turn a hobby into a Business - Stay at home Mom turns her passion for her children into a business she can run from home
Leap of Faith - A stay at home Dad gives it his all and is named entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Louisiana

Now Get Back To Work!!!!

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