Thursday, February 23, 2006

Home Security Safes for your Small office

Choosing the right fireproof safe for your home or small office can be tricky - with so many makes and models to choose from, it's important to keep several considerations in mind before you decide to spend your money.

What is a home security safe?
A fireproof home safe offers protection for personal documents ( such as wills, insurance papers, life insurance documentation, savings bonds, etc) as well as cash, and even your computer data backup like a CD or DVD.


1) Know what you are storing. If you are only using your home safe for paper documents, then you need to look for a UL 350 Fire rating. If you are storing computer media (tapes, photographs, CD's, DVD,s etc) you need a UL 125 rating and will be spending more money.

2) UL Ratings
There are two main UL Fire Ratings for home safes - UL 350 and UL 125. The UL 350 rated home safe will protect ONLY PAPER DOCUMENTS.
A UL 125 Rated safe will protect BOTH PAPER AND COMPUTER MEDIA in the event of a fire disaster.

3) Security Measures
Most home fire safes come with either a combination, key or biometric lock. If you have a need for greater security - consider a safe with a bolt down kit ( you can bolt it to your floor), or look for an in-wall or hidden fireproof safe.

4) Storage Capacity
When buying a safe always bear in mind that your may be require more storage space in the future - make sure you buy the right safe in the beginning, you'll save yourself some hassle in the long run!

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