Thursday, February 11, 2010

GSA Class 6

class 6 approved security
The class six (6) GSA Approved container or file cabinet comes standard in gray, black or parchment color with an X-09 digital lock. This KabaMas electronic lock is self powered and offers two person integrity locking (TPI). Two user access codes can be programmed to ensure dual control or access control where required.

Also available in 4 drawer or 5 drawer models, these file cabinets are built to DoD specifications for the storage of classified and top secret materials. Locks are available on a single drawer or all drawers. When locks are installed on each drawer the safe is referred to as a GSA Approved multi lock container.

For containers used for the storage of computer media (DLT tapes, LTO tapes or external hard drives) it is often recommended that a supplementary container or MediaVault be inserted into the drawer to add fireproof protection.


There is a common myth that gsa safes have fire ratings and this is not true. The current specifications for Class 6 and Class 5 do not require a fire rating, only a security rating against forced entry.

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