Wednesday, February 03, 2010

NIMH vs. Alkaline Batteries in Electronic Safes

As daily users of the safes we sell, our staff is often asked what types of batteries we recommend in our electronics safes. No matter if the brand name is SentrySafe, GunVault, FireKing or Cannon if you plan on using standard alkaline batteries, it's best to choose Duracell or Energizer. They tend to last the longest and ensure that you can open your safe reliably and consistently. There are arguments on both sides of the fence when it comes to rechargeable batteries vs. AA alkaline type and here is our two cents.

Electronic Safes and Battery Discharge Rates
Regular Alkaline batteries when not in daily use hold their charge much longer than rechargeable batteries. If you don't open and close your electronic safe on a daily basis it is best to use standard alkaline (Duracell or Energizer). However if you open your safe every day (e.g. retail cash safe, jewelry safe, etc) it is worth considering the switch to NIMH... and here is the argument...

Convenience and Initial Cost
It's easy to buy regular alkaline batteries at any store or e-Tailer, they are affordable and priced to sell. If you buy in bulk you generally get some great savings and the convenience of having an extra set around when your old batteries die or lose their charge.

Long Term $$$ Savings $$$
Rechargeable batteries cost more out of the gate, there is no arguing that point. However, when you consider how quickly the rechargeables can pay for themselves you might consider making the switch for your everyday usage. Personally I use AA Duracell rechargeable batteries for all of my electronic gizmos and gadgets. From the wireless mouse on my office PC to my mighty mouse on the home Mac Mini, I find these batteries offer a great charge and by having two sets of four AA's I never run out of battery power (except those rare times where I forget to charge the extra set). Typically you can get up to 1000 charges out of your NIMH rechargeable batteries and this mean they pay for themselves in 5 or so charges!

At the end of the day you need to consider how you utilize your security safe. If convenience and daily access are needed, you can save money in the long run by using rechargeable batteries. If you rarely access the fire safe, AA alkaline will suit you just fine.

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