Monday, February 15, 2010

Laptop Notebook Computer Safes

electronic safe for computer
For many home owners, college students and business persons that travel, laptop safes and car safes have quickly become a standard for security and protection from identity theft.

Notebook and especially netbook computers are a common item that is targeted for theft due to the portability. The loss of personal information and data is a risk that can be mitigated with the right steps. This includes password protection as well as physical security. Most laptop computers are never recovered after a theft, but keep in mind these tips.

Laptop Safes
A laptop safe offers several layers of protection from burglary or theft by locking your computer behind a key or electronic keypad. This single action makes it more difficult for a thief to take due to the weight of the safe and 'inconvenience' factor.

Most computer safes can be bolted down or include a security cable for added protection. The bolt down kits are a tremendous deterrent from theft.

Car Safes | Auto Safes
Many safes include bolt down plates for installation inside your vehicle. Additional plates can be used in a desk drawer and allow you to move your safe from car to office and vice versa. With a wide range of sizes available you can easily find a car safe to fit both your laptop and even external hard drives in the mobile environment.

Cable Locks
A simple steel cable lock can be used with your notebook computer to attach it to your desk, file cabinet or any solid structure to prevent theft.

Many of these safes include electronic locks. Changing or replacing the batteries is simple and by doing so every 6 - 12 months you'll never be locked out. All safes with electronic locks have bypass systems that allow you to open them with a key.

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