Monday, February 08, 2010

Sentry Safe Elite Protection Line | Discontinued Models

Side Tab File Cabinet
SentrySafe continues to add tremendous value to the recently acquired Schwab Safe brand of fireproof file cabinets and business class media & records protection products. 2010 brings a few changes including several model numbers that are now discontinued

1. Series 5000 Mixed Media Files
a. 2CC1 fire file
b. 3CC1 fireproof file
c. 3CC2 fire safe filing cabinet
d. 4CC1 fire resistant
e. 4CC2 fire retardant
f. 4CC3 Schwab filing cabinet

2. Series 2500 Media Manager
a. 2C125

3. Series 5000 Insulated Side Tab Lateral Files
a. 1HD43+1
b. 4HD43ST
c. 1HD36ST
d. 2HD36ST
e. 2HD36+1
f. 2HD36+2
g. 3HD36ST
h. 3HD36+1
i. 4HD36ST

4. Post Office Safe
a. 29X

5. 1000 Series
a. 2CFC-1000
b. 4CFC-1000
c. 4LFC-1000

If you currently have any of the above cabinets at your office and would like to replace or upgrade your storage, Call Toll Free 1-866-867-0306

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