Friday, December 11, 2009

Bolt Down Safes and Kits

burglary resistant theft security
More often than not our customers are interested in bolting down their safes. Whether this be a safe for home, business or automobile, the bolt down kit is a valuable piece of the security puzzle.

Most safes that have bolt down kits give the customer the ability to bolt to the floor or wall. There are special circumstances whereby a locksmith will need to assist (often the case with large commercial safes).

Our FireKing FB Series safes come standard with bolt down kits. Most depositories or drop safes also have bolt down kits that come standard. Our entire line of Hamilton safes can be customized to meet security needs and resistance to burglary or theft.

Our expert staff can help you with the planning and buying of a new safe. We specialize in UL Rated products that offer up to 3 hour fire ratings as well as burglary or TL Safes (tool attack resistant).

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