Thursday, December 17, 2009

NSA Approved Safes

gsa container

Storage of documents, data and evidence requires a specialty security safe know as a GSA Approved container. These safes, cabinets and file cabinets are engineered to specific requirements set forth by the Dept. of Defense.

Throughout the course of history there have been several classifications of these safes that have been refined to meet specific criteria for security. Currently there are two (2) types of gsa containers including Class 5 and Class 6. The Class 6 safes are generally used for the storage of documents, external hard drives and laptops (in a powered off or non operational mode). Class 5 containers are used for the same materials as well as evidence, ammunition, cash, narcotics and weapons.

These safes also have specialized locks that are available in both digital electronic and mechanical combination depending upon the spec. More information is available on the GSA or NSA approved list in # FF-L-2740.

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