Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two Person Integrity Safes (TPI)

dual control access lock
Access control and preserving the integrity of the contents in a safe are a top consideration for many large companies. A powerful feature on the X-09 lock is two person integrity. This lock is the standard on many GSA Approved Safes and containers. The Class 6 safes (2 drawer, 4 drawer and 5 drawer, etc) for the storage of up to classified and top secret documents and materials have this lock standard.

The X-09 is a digital electronic dial combination lock that allows for TPI (Two Person Integrity). All GSA Approved containers that come standard with the X-09 electromechanical lock meet the federal specification #FF-L-2740. Other safes with TPI are the dual lock field safe which can be designated for two person integrity - whereby two individuals each have a combination to one lock. Other methods may apply.

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