Monday, December 21, 2009

Fire Safe Rating

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There are a variety of fireproof safes on the market today that carry a wide range of fire ratings. Most business class safes carry the UL 1 hour fire rating (as well as 2 hour and 3 hour).

UL or Underwriters Laboratories is the world's foremost expert in independent fire testing and rated products and the trusted testing facility to know your safe is built to the best possible classification.

1 Hour Fire Rating vs 2 Hour Rating on a Safe
The UL system for fire protection means that a safe with a UL 350 1 hour rating will protect the contents (paper only) for up to one hour at 1700 degrees F. The 2 hour rated safe (UL 350) will protect it's contents (paper only) for up to two hours at 1700 degrees F.

The safe with the best highest fire rating would carry the UL 3 hour rating. Keep in mind this rating is for protection from fire, not necessarily designed for burglary.

Additional Safe Ratings

There are other types of safe ratings that pertain to security, burglary, fire and a combination of both. This includes media or data safes with UL 125 ratings, TL-15 safes up to TRTL x 6 as well as products that carry both UL rated stamps of approval.

In our next series of blogs we'll cover each rating in more depth.

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