Monday, December 14, 2009

Electronic Handgun Safes

Pistol Firearm Safe
Inside look at the GunVault Mini Deluxe

For handgun owners that are looking for an electronic safe that offers both security and safety, the GunVault line of pistol or handgun safes is a best buy. In this post we take a closer look at the GV1000C Deluxe, this safe offers lightning fast access to your weapon or sidearm of choice and includes several features that we will detail below.

Location of Batteries
Accessing the AA alkaline batteries on the GunVault isn't too difficult. If you have large hands though, you're going to need some assistance. The first step is to turn your electronic gun safe upside down. By doing so you can more easily access the battery compartment.

Battery Replacement
Gently pull the foam lining at the back of the GunVault, this will give you access to the battery compartment. Please do not tear the foam lining loose!

Simply remove the two fasteners that hold the compartment in place and gently remove the battery tray. Be careful that you do not pull the wires out of place!
Replacing the Batteries in the handgun safe

After you have removed the battery tray, install (8) eight Duracell AA batteries (recommended by GunVault) for best performance.
Replacement of Batteries

Once you have installed the new batteries simply replace the battery tray in the proper location and install the fastener nuts. Remember not to over tighten the fasteners.

Now you are ready to program your lock!

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