Thursday, October 22, 2009

Backup Hard Drives: Lessons Learned

ioSafe hard drives

Back up your data.

Repeat: Back up your data.

We can never say this enough to our clients, friends and family, but please back up your data. I am often baffled when I speak with clients and other business owners who have never taken the time to backup their important databases, email or confidential information. More often than not the reasoning tends to be 'laziness' or not 'having enough time' in the day.

No matter if you are a business owner or simply have a personal computer or laptop, the fact of the matter is that at some point your hard drive will crash. Often times this means the loss of family photos, video of birthday parties, etc. Your data and priceless and spending a few moments of your time and a few dollars on a backup hard drive or flash drive is well worth it.

You never realize how priceless your data is until you have lost it forever.

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