Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Transactiion Drawers & Bank Drive Up Deal Drawers

Emphasizing Bank Teller Comfort

Transaction drawers for banks and retail restaurant drive up and drive thru business are primarily designed with safety and security in mind. This includes UL Rated Level 3 bullet resistance rugged construction to handle a variety of sizes and weights during the transaction process. Today, Hamilton Safe manufacturers in the USA a variety of deal drawers that also place importance on customer relationship management (CRM) and comfort of the employee.

The microphone and speaker (audio system) communication is built to provide years of reliable performance is serviceable from outside your bank branch or restaurant drive thru. This allows for improved security and mitigates risk of having non-employees in secure areas of the bank safe.

From a comfort perspective the deal drawer is sealed to outside air; outside and inside doors are never open at the same time to keep employees comfortable during winter weather months. Optional heaters will warm any cold air inside the deal drawer during the process.

Most clients choose the 400DD or DCD-18 for the best in value and price.

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