Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IPS Containers Revisited

Detailed Look at at Class 5 Containers for SIPRNet and Compusec

Our full line of GSA Approved IPS Containers and Safes are fully approved for the storage of computer equipment, encryption devices, servers and PC's that process classified and top secret materials and data. When comparing IPS safes it is important to take a look at the full features available.

Our Hamilton Safe brand include the following:

• 2 fans, 10 inches diameter circulate up to 550 CFM free air each

• 12" X 12" X 1" air filter slot for proper air filtration

• Cable-entry box with six (6) half inch diameter openings for power and signal input cables

• Optional Hoffman box for cables inside of conduit

• 19" EIA rackmounts or 24" EIA vertical rackmount

• X-09 Digital Lock

• Class 5 protection

Some GSA safes for IPS concerns in extreme environments are required. For specialized containers with air conditioning, climate control and shielded environments we refer clients to Trusted Systems @ www.trustedsys.com

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