Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Compare GunVault Bio and MiniVault; Review the Pros and Cons

Gun Safes
The Gun Vault lines of safes from Cannon has been a great solution to several challenges of gun ownership - Safety and Security.

For gun owners that want to ensure the safety of their families from burglary or intruders the GunVault comes in two flavors, a hand operated touchpad or keypad lock or the biometric fingerprint lock. Each of these locks has its pros and cons and we'll take a look at each one below.

GunVault Bio

The biometric lock on the BIO gun vault safe offers convenience and safety for children. Programmable up to 30 fingerprints, you can limit access to the safe very easily. If you buy the gunvault bio you can rest assured that children or teenagers will be deterred from getting into the safe.

Pros: Limits Access (access control), Improved Safety for Families with Children.

Easy to install the 9V volt battery.
fingerprint safe
Cons: One downside to the Biometric lock is that it does not open as quickly as the keypad or touchpad version. If you require lighting fast entry to this gun safe it is suggested that you demo each model to determine which works best for you.


The MiniDeluxe features an interior courtesy light just like the biometric safe and utilizes a four button touchpad lock for entry.

Pros: Easy programming of combination lock. Fast entry. With just a little practice you can open the GunVault mini or mini deluxe in mere seconds.
keypad lock

Cons: Difficult to install batteries. This gun safe requires eight (8) AA batteries for operation without the power supply and they are difficult to install if you have large hands.

Overall both of these gun safes from Cannon are great for safety and security. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which is best for your situation.

For those of you with children, the biometric fingerprint lock offers great safety from loaded handguns. For those looking for security and to keep a loaded firearm in the home, the Mini Deluxe might be the best choice.

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