Monday, October 19, 2009


Hard drives and storage represent a very large market in the United States. Research indicated that by 2014 there will be approx. 12TB of data in the home and storage is compounding by 60-100% per yr.

When you factor in the thousands of digital family photos and videos of precious memories you are talking about some very important data. From a business standpoint this mean customer databases, lists, documents, literature as well as confidential digital files that cannot be stored off site or in the 'cloud.'

ioSafe, the leading manufacturer of hard drives now offers home and businesses users a better value per gigabyte when comparing backup hard drives. The ioSafe drives are fireproof and waterproof and meant to be used a backup of your primary computer hard drive, Mac, laptop or server. When choosing storage options, ioSafe delivers tremendous value, support and included data recovery service (think of it as an insurance policy on your data) for all of your important data.

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