Monday, October 12, 2009

Hurricane Rated Window Applications

We offer a full line of Miami Dade County Approved windows that can withstand hurricane and high wind conditions. Through specialized high velocity wind tests these windows are tested by shooting boards and wooden posts at high speeds with a pneumatic air gun. To pass the test the windows must meet the following specs.:

Air Infiltration Test, per FBC, TAS 202-94
Uniform Static Air Pressure Test, FBC, TAS 202-94
Water Resistance Test, per FBC, TAS 202-94
Large Missle Impact Test, per FBC, TAS 201-94
Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading per FBC, TAS 203-94
Forced Entry Test, per FBC TAS 202-94

The frames of each window are maintenance-free stainless steel inside and out and are made with bullet resistive glass. The frames have also been UL rated.

Hurricane rated:
- approved by Miami-Dade County, Florida, building code compliance
- approved for second-story installation

Other applications include:

- Bank Transaction Windows
- High security needs (business executive offices and homes, Embassy rooms, etc)

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