Thursday, October 15, 2009

Computer Media Fire Safes

Storing computer media over the long term, often called archiving or archival storage is a very important part of business continuity planning for many businesses.

Data retention policies, or the need to retrieve data from a certain number of years prior is very common in today's climate of information security. Many companies choose to archive data on media tapes such as DLT or LTO tapes. These magnetic media backup copies are much like the "cassettes" you used to play in your tape deck. Albeit these forms of backup computer media can store a large volume of Gigabytes (GB).

Proper storage of removable backup tapes includes limiting moisture or humidity levels as well as protecting from dust, fire and water. In order to properly store magnetic media it is suggested that the humidity levels stay below 80% (especially during a fire) and that the storage temperature never exceed 125 degrees F.

Imagine if you put your computer hard drive or SD card in the oven and baked them at 350 degrees for 1 hour? What would you get? Melted plastic!

Media or Data fire safes are engineered to specifically protect precious backup media tapes from fire, water and other natural disasters. Just as important they offer physical security to prevent theft of priceless or regulated data.

While media safes come in a variety of sizes, UL fire ratings and security ratings it's best to consult with experienced professionals before you purchase.


- Make sure you store computer media in a UL 125 Rated Safe
- DO NOT store removable computer tapes or external hard drives in a UL 350 fire rated safe or cabinet, this fire rating will not keep your devices from melting!
- A 3 hour fire safe is not always necessary! Understand your location relative to the fire department and make an educated decision from there.

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